Authorising as owner & enabling security features

In early 2022 we introduced a new feature which connects your Ampler to your app account and our connectivity system, making new security features possible.

Generation 2 models: We offer connectivity features that are controlled by our App 2.0 and enabled by the GSM and GPS modules in the bike. These are activated by authorising yourself as owner via the app. Subsequently, location and internet services, including bike tracking (depending on the availability of LTE-M and 2G connections in your area), and movement alerts are possible.

Generation 1 models: The functions below are available in the Ampler Bike app, which can be used if your Ampler is running on the newest firmware. Read more about it here. If you are not yet using the new app, please download it now and follow our step-by-step guide.

Authorising your bike

By authorising your bike, you are registering as owner of your Ampler.

  1. Make sure you have the newest app version installed.
  2. Open the app, register an account, if you haven't done so already. Authorisation is always tied to your account, make sure to always use the same one (e-mail OR phone) or register other owners as described below.
  3. Connect your Ampler via the app, not via the Bluetooth menu of your mobile phone.

    For Generation 2 models: enter the pin shown on the display.

  4. You should be prompted to enter your order number. This is NOT your frame number, but the number which is noted on your invoice and displayed in the order e-mails: order confirmation, payment confirmation, shipment confirmation etc.

    You can always turn off authorisation through the app settings menu. Note that it also removes authorisation for all other users as well.

    Security benefits of authorising your Ampler:

    • Only you, and any user you authorise, can lock and unlock the button and thus block motor functions.
    • You will get a notification if anyone unauthorised tries to connect to your Ampler through the app. Owners of a Generation 2 bike additionally receive movement alerts.
        • Make sure to have push notifications enabled for the app.
    • When your bike was stolen, we can disable the Bluetooth connection. The thief will not be able to connect with the app at all and is directed to contact us. When they contact us, we follow our theft protocol:
      • A bike marked as stolen will not receive service from us. We will alert you if someone with the bike's data contacts us, and we will cooperate with police, if you have reported the theft to them. Learn more here.
    • More security features will be released in the future.

    Locking the power button

    Through the Ampler Bike app, the power button can be blocked from unauthorised use. All bike functions are disabled until the owner unlocks it. 

    This function can be used without authorising yourself first, but anyone with an Ampler Bike app can then unlock the bike. Only authorising ensures that only you, or someone you allow to, can lock and unlock the button.
    1. Connect the bike to the Ampler Bike app.
    2. Tap the button lock icon inside the app.
    3. The button will now be locked and can only be unlocked again through the app.

Authorising other users

This feature, for now, is only available to Generation 1 owners and will follow soon for Generation 2. If you are authorised as the owner, you can give permission to others to lock, unlock and use the app in general.

The new user should be near your Ampler in order to connect, but you can authorise them remotely.

  1. Ask the user to download the app and register an account.
  2. The user can now connect to the bike via Bluetooth, is then prompted that permission is necessary and is asked to pick a name you can recognise them by.
  3. The user will be asked to wait while you receive a "Connection request" via push notification.
      • Make sure to have push notifications enabled for the app.
  4. Open the Ampler Bike app and give permission or cancel the request.

As an owner you can remove permissions again through the app settings menu under "My account".

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