What to do if my Ampler gets stolen?

First step would be to prevent theft:

Anti-theft tips:

  • First, in order to avoid your bike getting stolen, we recommend using a solid lock. You can add an ABUS Bordo 6000 lock to your order when buying your Ampler.
  • Never park your bike in overcrowded or isolated places. Make sure to lock your bike tightly onto a fixed object.
  • Consider getting a bike insurance early on, or ask your household insurance if it covers bike theft.

If the bike gets stolen:

  1. Report the theft at your local police.
  2. Send us the frame number of your stolen bike. This will alert us when someone tries to get any service with the stolen bike. We will switch off the Bluetooth ID of your bike, so that the thief wouldn’t be able to use the bike with the motor support.
  3. If you have bought Ampler bike insurance, we will start the process of providing you with a replacement bike.

OUR POLICY IN GENERAL: Extras and all Ampler-specific technology such as motor, battery, sensor and controllers can be sold only to a person who has the bike certificate or an order confirmation (either from Ampler or previous owner). In general we ask for the serial number on all bike-related service requests.

When someone contacts us requesting service for a stolen bike:

  1. We will inform the original owner and ask him/her for a copy of the police report
  2. We will contact the police with the report number and hand out all available details we have
  3. We will continue to work with police the best we can

What we can’t do:

  • We are not allowed to forward any data from the previous owner nor the existing owner to each other, due the data protection laws
  • We can’t help with filing a police report after the bike gets stolen
  • We can’t help if there is no police report

Keep your bike safe!

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