January 2023 Firmware Update for Generation 2 bikes

From the evening of 17 January 2023 onwards, we will be releasing a Generation 2 firmware update, which will arrive to you automatically over the air. The update will be available to all Generation 2 bikes over the next couple of weeks.

How will I get the update?

The update will be announced via a push notification on your phone, meaning your bike is selected to be updated. Your bike will then start the process once it finds an internet connection and has a charge level above 40%. The bike will download the small firmware file, shown as a download icon  on the display, and then install and restart itself. Your bike’s rear light will blink, and the bike will turn itself off and on again. This can also happen during your ride. The motor assist levels in the app will be reset to the default levels – make sure to read important updates about our assist levels below.

How will I know that I have the update already?

In your app, tap the cog-icon  on the top right, select “System maintenance” and see the number next to “E-Bike firmware”. The previous firmware was v3.4.27, and we are updating your bike to v3.5.6.

Which issues will it solve?



We made the range displayed more reliable overall and worked on including ambient temperature into the remaining range calculations.
When turning the bike on, the bike will now take a few seconds to calculate a more accurate range, depending on several factors. This is shown via a new “loading” screen on the display, after which the remaining range is then displayed. The range will afterwards continuously be adjusted depending on your riding style, just as before.

We noticed that assist level one and two are simply too close together in terms of power, so we adjusted the assist amount to a more balanced outcome. The “Default” assist level 1 is now better optimised for everyday riding, and “Max” assist level 2 will be perfect for riders who prefer a more forceful power transmission. You can always adjust the levels in the app to your preference.

We always have to be clear on the fact that with lithium-ion batteries, battery range is always an estimate, and especially during colder weather, the range is naturally reduced. What changed is that we take more factors into account when calculating the remaining range and optimised the power development of our assist modes, so you can start your ride better prepared.


We now made it possible for the bike to send an update about its location and statistical data via Bluetooth to the app – as well as, like before, via GSM over the internet. This will lessen the potential of overwriting statistical data due to the bike not being able to establish an internet connection for several days in a row. Note that your bike will already have the possibility to send data via Bluetooth to your phone, but the app is not yet ready to display the values - an app update will follow in late January 2023. Read more about when and how the statistics and other data are uploaded to our servers.

What other news does it offer?

sleepmode_250.pngWe changed the app wording and display icons around “Shutdown” to a more accurate “Sleep mode”. The core function remains the same: putting the bike “to sleep” and shutting off all electronic functions, and to troubleshoot specific connectivity issues by “jump-starting” the bike.
Read more about how and when you should put your Generation 2 bike “to sleep”.

We have also fixed a bug which gave odd average speed numbers after finishing a trip.

We also made major improvements in the way our support team and mechanics can evaluate the health of your bike from afar. These remote diagnostics can help us find the right solution for you quicker.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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