App & connectivity features for Generation 2 models

For our Generation 2 e-bikes, we offer connectivity features, controlled via our app 2.0 and made possible through GSM & GPS modules inside the bikes.
Here is a quick overview of the frequently asked questions:

What are connectivity features?

  1. App connectivity via Bluetooth
    • The app as a window into your Ampler bike
    • Also available for Generation 1 models
  2. NEW: Location and internet services
    • Bike tracking
    • Movement alerts
    • Remote bike status updates
    • Automatic over the air firmware updates without use of the app
    • Remote diagnostics

How can I enable location & internet services?

The functionality will be activated by authorising yourself as owner through the app, and you are able to use all services named above. You can also always deactivate GPS & GSM through the app. Learn more about authorising and our security features possible for Generation 1 and Generation 2. Make sure to always use the same account in the app after authorising.

Can I send someone my live location?

Accurate live tracking while riding is not possible and would also drain too much battery from the bike. Also, this always depends on the quality of the GSM and GPS signals, read more about this below in this article.

When does the bike send my location and its status to the app?

The bike sends an update to our servers, which always contains both the location and the status (remaining range, battery charge etc.) of the bike. The prerequisite is always that the bike can establish a GSM connection, i.e. no triangle symbols are visible in the display. Read more about the display symbols. Otherwise, the update cannot be uploaded, but will try to do so once a GSM connection is found.

The frequency of the update depends on whether the bike is switched on – and if not, whether there is any “interaction” with the bike. These are:

  • The bicycle is turned off.
  • The bike is switched on.
  • The button is locked or unlocked via the app.
  • The charger is plugged in or unplugged.
  • The button is locked, and the bike is being moved (movement alerts).
  • One of the programmed, automatic actions takes place: auto-switch-off after three minutes, change to inactivity mode after three hours and the so-called “heartbeat” after 24 hours.

Scenario 1: The bike is active, i.e. switched on:

A GSM connection is established, and the update uploaded every 30–60 seconds. 

Scenario 2: The bike is turned off, i.e. switched off actively or by itself after three minutes:

The bike establishes a GSM connection as soon as it switched off, and then as soon as another “interaction” takes place, and then uploads the update. If it does not have an active GSM connection, it sends this data as soon as a connection is possible.

How accurate is the location data?

Whether the bike's position is accurately displayed in the app depends on whether the bike has found its GPS position, i.e. the crosshair icon in the display has a dot in the middle.

If GPS is not available, the app shows the last place where it was found. 

The GPS position can be lost as soon as you, for example, go under an underpass or park the bike in the basement. However, the bike constantly tries to find its GPS position, regardless of whether it is on or off.

Important: the upload will take place at the above frequency regardless of whether the GPS position is accurate or not.

Is it possible to use the bike without an app?

All our bikes can be operated without an app, simply by pressing the power button. These are basic functions such as switching the bike and lights on and off, as well as changing the support levels. 

However, the initial authorisation to activate the location & internet services, and among other things, the locking of the power button is only possible via the app.

Also keep in mind that it is the bike that sends GPS and GSM data and, unlike Generation 1, there is hardly any direct data exchange between the bike and the app. We can send firmware updates much more reliably as a result.

Does it cost a monthly or annual fee?

There are no fees or hidden contracts, the costs of our location & internet services are included in the price for 2 years after your purchase. 

What happens after 2 years?

You will be able to start a subscription for €5.00 / month if you like to continue using location & internet services. If not, Bluetooth connectivity and functionality of the app (controls, statistics, button lock etc.) will remain, and you are fully able to use the bike, but all features included in location & internet services will be turned off.

What does remote diagnostics mean?

For this, we can troubleshoot any issues with your bike's sensors remotely and help you more directly if anything should happen, if you have location & internet services enabled. We have very limited insight into your location data and will never use your data for marketing purposes or share it with third parties.

I have a Generation 1 bike, can I activate or retrofit GSM and GPS?

This is not possible, our Generation 2 bikes have been re-developed from the ground up and include components and features which can not be retrofitted. But we are improving our features for older bikes as well: the new app is also available for Generation 1 users, including features like authorisation & button lock.

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