Where to find the total kilometres driven / Odometer

You can find an odometer in your Ampler app, which shows you the number of kilometres you have taken your Ampler on. It is also important for you to have an overview of when it might be time to get an inspection for your bike, have a look at our recommendations here.

Generation 2 owners: If you feel like your statistics are not properly updating, please have a look at this article explaining when the synchronisation should happen and this article to troubleshoot any issues.

You can see the total kilometres you rode on your Ampler on the app dashboard underneath the top scale.
To get a better insight, tap the activity icon on the top right of your dashboard.

The location of this button may change depending on the Generation of your bike.
Have a look at your data from the current week. Sometimes it takes a while for the activity to synchronise, and does so every time you connect to the internet with the app open. The bike also counts your kilometres if you don't actively use the app. By tapping “View more”, you can have an even more in-depth overview of your monthly and all-time statistics.
The activity data in our app is stored in our own database and can be recalled on any device you install the app on and pair your bike with, given you are using the same account.
  • The statistics of your Generation 2 bike are uploaded via GSM to our database and are then downloaded by the app.
  • On Generation 1 bikes, the statistics are transferred to the app via the bike's Bluetooth module and then saved to our database.
We don't save GPS data and have no access to your login information. Let us know if you have any questions!

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