Firmware update - how & why?

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If you are still using the previous app (black icon), you can now switch to our new app & firmware. Follow this step-by-step guide!

What is a firmware?

Every Ampler has a motor controller – the so-called brain of your bike that provides all the functions of your bike, directing every other part of the electronics system. The motor controller itself is managed by firmware (it’s tech-speak for software that controls hardware).

Like most other software, firmware also requires updating every now and then as we’re aiming at providing you with the best possible ride experience.

How do I know which firmware-version my bike has?

Generation 1 models run on the previous as well as new firmware. They have to be updated through the app.

Generation 2 models come with the new firmware out of the box and use the new app, but have additional features we describe here. Firmware updates for Generation 2 bikes come over the air, not through the app, and happen automatically.

I have a pre-2019 model, will an update affect the private road mode?

A firmware update has no effect on the bike's speed limit, whether it's a bike sold before 2019 or after.

What are the differences between new and previous firmware for Generation 1 models?

New firmware Previous firmware
Use of the new app is possible.Sole use of the previous app is possible.
Factory calibration only possible after prior approval through us within the app.Factory calibration can be triggered by pressing the button.
Lights-only mode can be set by power button & app.Lights-only mode can only be set through the app.
Authorisation & other security features through the app.No security features.
Automatic ride statistics recorded by the bike and timestamped for uploading, so it transfers the data on every app connect, limiting the dangers of losing odometer data.
Danger of losing irretrievable odometer data
Faster and more reliable connectivity across devices.
Connection errors & reoccurring connection requests
Ability to use navigation apps via window-in-window and split screen functionalityIn-built navigation

How do I update the firmware on my Generation 1 model?

Updating from old to new? READ THIS FIRST!

When you have been using the previous app before and are now able to update, first make sure that:
 Updating the firmware in the new Ampler App

If new firmware is available for you, the app will notify you the next time you connect to your Ampler.The update is done via Bluetooth and the internet connection of your smartphone. Before updating the firmware, make sure that the battery level is above 25%.

To update the firmware, bring your smartphone close to the power button and preferably close to the Wi-Fi router that your smartphone is connected to.

The update is done via Bluetooth and your phone's internet connection, in two steps. The two steps are almost identical and need to be done in a row. This means that after completing the first update, there will be a second update still available, and you will also need to complete this. 

The updates should take about a few minutes to complete, depending on your phone's Bluetooth- and data connection. Remember to stay close to the power button.

The files are small (~30kb) so don't worry about the phone's data volume.

If the update has failed, no need to panic. Just wait 10 minutes and try again. If you continue to have problems, please contact us!
If you want to check whether you have the latest version, or have postponed your update, open the settings in the app via the cog on the top right of your dashboard.
The current firmware version is displayed under "System maintenance". The inactive button shows that your firmware does not need to be updated.

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