Firmware Update - How & Why?

Every Ampler has a motor controller – the so-called brain of your bike that provides all the functions of your bike, directing every other part of the electronics system. The motor controller itself is managed by firmware (it’s tech speak for software that controls hardware).

Like most other software, firmware also requires updating every now and then as we’re aiming at providing you with the best possible ride experience.

All good - your e-bike does not need a firmware update

The firmware is updated via the Ampler app. If you get a notification in your app that new firmware is available, or you see a yellow exclamation mark in the app menu, please go to the "vehicle" settings and update your firmware. Prior to updating the firmware, make sure the battery level is above 25%. To execute the update, place your phone near the bike and, preferably, next to the WIFI router you are connected to.

The update is done using Bluetooth, in two steps. The two steps are almost identical and need to be done in a row. This means that after completing the first update, there will be a second update still available – you will also need to complete this. The updates should take about a minute to complete.

If all is done, tap on the photo of your bike in the "Vehicle" view and check if it says "Bike firmware is up to date".

The firmware is up to date.

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