Registering an account in the Ampler app

Once you download the new app, your options to register depend on your phone's operating system. If you are using an iPhone, the app will ask you to register with your Apple ID or phone number. On Android, you can use your Google e-mail or your phone number.

You should always log in with the same account, otherwise you will not see reliable statistics and will encounter issues with a later authorisation. Always use the same account
If you chose to log in via phone number, a code will be sent to you via SMS, after which you are able to log in. Note that you might not receive the SMS or that costs may apply when you are travelling.
On Generation 2 models, you will now be prompted to enter a code, this is the code shown in the bike's display. Enter the code into your phone as you see it on the bike's display.

You will then be prompted to authorise as owner, read more about this here. Registering as owner makes security features available.

You should be prompted to enter your order number. This is NOT your frame number, but the number which is noted on your invoice and displayed in the order e-mails: order confirmation, payment confirmation, shipment confirmation etc.

You can always turn off authorisation through the app settings menu. Note that it also removes authorisation for all other users as well.

We will introduce authorising other users for Generation 2 bikes later in 2022.

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