My brakes are noisy / squealing

Noise from the brake pads on a disc brake can never be completely eliminated for sheer physical reasons. Note that in wet road conditions, your disc brakes will always be noisy.
All hydraulic disc brakes require a so-called "braking-in period". This helps the brake pads to develop their full braking power and reduces noise during braking.

How to do it:

It's best done within the first 10 km but if you have noisy brake pads, this method will most likely help nonetheless.

  • Find a dry, smooth, safe road to ride on. Get used to how the brakes work and how the bike reacts - then brace yourself and pull the brakes really hard with both levers. Hold on tight and please stay securely in the saddle. 
  • Another option is to roll down a safe hill and pull the brakes for about 350 m pulling the levers without coming to a stop. 

The resulting heat on the pad will remove some of the noise-causing dirt and residue from the pad.

Repeat this process a few times over the next few days.

Please note:

  • When the brakes are cool / have not been used for a while, carefully touch the brake caliper and disc. If you notice oil on disc, brake pad or caliper, you should not ride the bike but contact us first.
  • If you can pull the lever all the way to the grip, the same applies: you should not ride the bike but contact us first.

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