Where can I take my Ampler for service or inspection?

Every bike shop, as well as our service partners and showrooms, can carry out an inspection or general service. Checking the motor function through a test ride should be part of every inspection, but there is no need to service the motor and battery otherwise - if all functions as it should. 

Check out our maintenance and inspection list here.

Most serviceable parts on the bike are readily available on the market and can be repaired and replaced by any bike shop. If something on the brake is to be replaced, we would ask you or the bike store to contact us first so that we can advise here and / or send replacement.

If you suspect a warranty case, please contact us through the service form. 

Please note that, while your bike is within warranty, you are not allowed to work on motor, sensors or battery, but need to to contact us first if you run into any issues. We will then find the quickest way to help you. 

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