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ampler button position

The power button is the control hub for your Ampler e-bike.

We ask you to fully dismount from the bike to operate the button. Do not use the button while riding. Please also note the dangers of accidentally starting the factory reset.

With the power button, you can:

  • Turn the bike ON and OFF — A quick press on the button turns the bike on/off.Turn-the-bike-ON-and-OFF
  • Turn the lights ON and OFF — When the bike is on, holding the button down for 1-2 seconds turns the lights on/off Turn-the-lights-ON-and-OFF
  • Switch between the different assist modes  — When the bike is on, holding the button down for 3-4 seconds will switch the assist modes. Switch-between-the-different-assist-modes
  • See how much battery you have left Battery-charge-level-indicator

You can also toggle these settings in the app. If you want to ride without motor assistance but with lights on, read here how to do it in the App.

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