Can I Install a child seat?

Depending on the model, it is possible to mount a child seat. We have tested this with „free-swinging“ child seats that are mounted on the seat tube. We do not recommend child seats that are installed on the carrier.
We recommend a visit to a bike shop for individual advice.
The following things must be observed:

  • Our Model Juna in size XS unfortunately does not allow the attachment of a child seat, as the seat tube is too short due to the geometry.
  • With models of size S the attachment is only possible to a limited extent. This is also due to space limitations caused by the short seat tube as well, and restrictions if you additionally ride with a low saddle height. However, it does not mean that it is not possible in principle. Get more detailed advice on this in a bike shop, where you can test the spacing further with different child seat models.
    • Please understand that we cannot make a recommendation for size S, as it depends on your saddle position, child seat model preference and comfort level for you and your child.
  • Most child seats that are installed in the front are limited by the manufacturer to a weight of ~15 kg and strongly influence the steering behaviour. We advise against this.
  • Pay close attention to the manufacturer's installation instructions. Damage caused by incorrect installation may invalidate our warranty.
  • For models with LightSKIN LED seat posts, you should also attach a battery light to the child seat, as the original light is hidden.
  • Be aware of the maximum total load of 120 kg including you, child and baggage. If you ever need to pack a little more, we recommend installing a trailer – find out more here!

ampler stellar with child seat

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