Can I set the motor to push above 25 km/h?

No, our Ampler e-bikes (Pedelecs) are manufactured according to EN15194 regulations. The bike has a maximum motor support speed of 25 km/h and a 250 W nominal power limitation. 

You can still ride faster with your legs - there is no resistance above 25 km/h or without a motor.

The lighting system is street legal based on German StVZO regulations. This also means that our bikes always come with all necessary reflectors and a bell. Learn more about the extras included in the delivery here.

Why do models sold until 2019 support up to 35 km/h?

Setting e-bike to go beyond 25 km/h on public roads under this norm is not only illegal but can also void insurance protection - not only with regard to damages to your own bike, but also damages to others’ property and welfare. We thus removed the private road mode for all of our models after 2019. Offering this as a optional solution is not a choice for us.

For our e-bikes after 2019 we worked towards a solution where the bikes’ firmware makes the assist curve sharper, improving acceleration and hill-climbing ability and essentially making the bikes feel more powerful. 

The change also allowed us to start offering our bikes on job leasing platforms, which was previously not possible due to the availability of the private road mode.

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