How big are the wheels & tyres?

We only use 28-inch wheels. However, wheel size is not a very good indicator of whether a bike is right for you. If you want to know which frame size is best for you, we have a few tips here.

Over the years, we have occasionally changed the tyre manufacturer that we fit on our wheels. So have the sizes. Here’s a short overview of the sizes:

2016 and 2017 models

  • Hawk (Ladies’ and Men’s): 35–622 mm
  • Bilberry (Ladies’ and Men’s): 47–622 mm
  • Pennon (Ladies’ and Men’s): 47–622 mm

2018 models

  • Curt: 32–622 mm
  • Stout: 47–622 mm
  • Stellar: 47–622 mm

2019 and 2020 models

  • Curt: 32–622 mm
  • Stout: 42–622 mm
  • Stellar: 42–622 mm

The frame geometry is meant to fit the sizes listed above, and we don’t recommend any tyres that are wider.

If you want to use tyres with spikes or with a stronger pattern, make sure they properly fit your bike before riding.

Read more hear about the optimal tyre pressure.

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