The Ampler Motor - Specs & Details

All Ampler bikes have a small geared hub drive with a brushless Aikema motor. Brushless motors mean that there are no brushes between the stator and the rotor. This makes the motor efficient and means that there are no wearing parts in need of replacement, making it essentially service-free. Another bonus is that once the motor is switched off, there is no resistance and  Ampler e-bike feels like a classic bike. The motor is being developed by Ampler together with Aikema.

The motor has a nominal power output of 250 W. The peak power output of the motor is about 400 W. The motor complies with the European standard EN15194.

Operating the motor requires sophisticated electric systems. We’ve custom-developed a control board which ensures smooth and quiet operation even at high power levels. The hub motor includes double gear reduction to get a maximum torque of 50 Nm at a motor diameter of just 120 mm, allowing for a high power-to-weight ratio while keeping the looks inconspicuous.

the ampler rear motor

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