What is the battery range, capacity & life cycle?

Battery range

The Ampler electric bike range is 70 km on average.  You could increase your Ampler e-bike battery range up to 100 km by lowering the motor support or maximum speed. Read more on how to do this in the app here. 

At full power, you can use the motor support for around 40 to 50 km before you need to recharge your Ampler. There is no resistance from the motor if you run out of battery, and you can ride it like any other bike.

Please note that a lot of factors play into the range of an e-bike battery. Among these are the weather, total weight, tyre pressure, frequency of starts and stops, age of the battery and many more. Read more about this here.


The Ampler electric bike battery capacity is 336 Wh. The entire circuit operates at 48 V — that’s more than most e-bikes with an integrated battery and a rear hub motor. By using higher nominal voltage, the same power output can be achieved at lower currents and therefore lowering heat losses. This means that at the same capacity, Ampler bikes have more range and a longer battery life overall.

In combination with more efficient energy control, our e-bike batteries have an average range of 70 km. Lowering the motor support increases the range up to 100 km.

Life cycle

Ampler e-bike battery life is around 600 full charging cycles (0% - 100%). This corresponds to approximately 40,000 km. After 40,000 km the battery still has about 70% of its original capacity.

Many other factors play a role and with good care of your e-bike battery you can increase its life span, read more about this here.

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