Does weather affect the battery?

Lithium-Ion battery cells naturally react to strong cold or heat conditions, which you will not notice much as a casual e-bike rider, but takes some special care throughout the seasons.

Can I ride my e-bike in winter?

Yes, you can ride your Ampler even in winter. However, you will notice a drop in range once it gets colder outside, this is normal and not permanent.
We advise you to store your bike in rooms over 0 °C. Never charge your e-bike in temperatures under 0 °C, let it get warm after you return from a ride in the cold.

Also, wet weather and winter riding on gritty and salty roads can be harsh on your bike, make sure to follow our guide on how to take care of your bike.

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Can I ride my Ampler bike in the heat? 

You can generally ride your Ampler in the summer heat. Since the battery is located in the aluminium frame tube, the alloy acts as a heat sink and cools the battery down while riding. This protects your Ampler e-bike battery from overheating. The battery also has an electronic battery management system. This protects it from extreme environmental influences by switching off the power supply if necessary.

However, we do not recommend storing your bike long-term in temperatures over 30°C.

On very hot summer days it is best to place your Ampler in the shade to protect the battery from excessive heat. 

Read more on how to prolong your battery life.

Can I ride my electric bike in the rain?

Yes, your electric bike can get wet and you can ride your Ampler in the rain without any problems. All electronics, e.g. the display, power panel and the motor, are well encapsulated and tested in harsh Estonian winter-weather conditions.

Can I leave the bike outside all year round?

Your bike should be protected from rough weather when stored, as water in particular can have a negative effect on the mechanics and electronics, as condensation and moisture can never be completely avoided. You can also leave your Ampler outside sometimes, but this should not happen permanently.

Icy cold and direct sunlight are also not good for your bike in the long run. Protect it from wind and weather and give your Ampler a place in a dry environment.

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