How to do a factory calibration (only if Ampler asks you to!)

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Note that this process does not need to be done unless we suggest it.

The factory calibration can only be triggered through the button when your bike is running on our previous firmware. Check, whether you are using the previous app with a black icon or the one with a green icon. If your Ampler connects only to the new App (green icon) you are on our new firmware and can not trigger the factory calibration without us. Contact us for instructions on how to do it - or if you are unsure about your firmware version. Read more about the changes in our firmware and different apps.

This procedure is needed always after replacing any of the three components: motor control unit, hub motor or torque sensor, or if otherwise suggested by Ampler. It is not necessary to do this as general maintenance. It will also reset any motor adjustments you made in the app. 


During factory calibration, the motor starts by itself and the rear wheel begins to rotate. It is important that you lift the rear wheel during the whole procedure to avoid damage or injury.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Place the left crank horizontally with ground facing in the front direction.

  2. Turn the bike off (the LED around the button is off).
  3. Place the bike so that the motor can spin freely in the air. You can slightly lift it up.
  4. Hold down the button (approx. 10 seconds) until it turns GREEN instead of RED. As soon as the LED turns GREEN, release the button and make sure the wheel is lifted!
  5. The LED starts blinking orange and the bike is processing a calibration of the torque sensor and motor sensors. In a few moments, the motor starts spinning for around 15 seconds. When the motor stops, the LED should blink GREEN after about 5 seconds and then automatically turn off.
  6. Check if the motor support is working again

Note: If the calibration process is not successful (blinks RED), double check the motor cable. Plug the cable as far as it will go, arrow on arrow, together without turning it.

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