How to calibrate the torque sensor

Ampler bikes are pedelecs, and they have sensors regulating the motor, measuring the speed of pedalling and your own input power. Therefore, the bike is easy to use, and the motor power is controlled according to your own pedaling force. This creates a safe and smooth riding experience.

We recommend calibrating your bike’s torque sensor every 3-6 months, or in case the bike feels over- or underpowered. Torque sensor calibration is done via the Ampler app, here's how it's done:

  1. Adjust the left crank forward, parallel to the ground. 

  2. Connect the Ampler app with your bike via Bluetooth
  3. Open the settings menu
  4. Tap on ‘Calibrate sensor’, starting the calibration
  5. Generation 1 models: The LED lamp lights up orange – The LED lamp changes to green when calibration is complete.
  6. Generation-2 models: The display shows the calibration icon  and shows the standard display view (charge level, etc.) once calibration is complete.

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