Connecting the app to the bike via Bluetooth

If you are having trouble connecting your Ampler to the app, or having the bike show up in your app's connection overview, follow this guide.
This guide centres more on Android, since the troubleshooting steps are less straightforward than on Apple/iOS.

First, check if your phone has the newest App version.
Go to the App or Play Store, select the Ampler app and check whether there is a button to update. If it says “Open”, your phone has the latest version.

While you're here, activate automatic updates:
On Android, simply tap the menu with three dots in the top right corner and toggle on “Enable auto-update”.
On iOS, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap App Store. Turn on the switch next to Automatic Updates.
On Android, the Ampler app should have all permission to access location, nearby devices and notification. The Bluetooth connection is tied to location permissions as well as “Nearby devices”.

Long-hold the Ampler app icon, select “App info” and check whether all permissions are set to “Allow” or “Allow only while using the app”.

This is not an issue on iOS.
Also on Android, while you are there, please toggle off “Pause app activity if unused”. This will avoid permissions being automatically denied again if you don't use the app for a while.
Close the app fully.

Please then delete any previous connection from your phone's Bluetooth menu. These are either called AMPLER, AMPLER2 or AMPLER3.

Delete or “forget” them fully.
Open the Ampler app.

If you were previously connected, go to the settings inside the app and select “Unpair bike”. Make sure you have a good internet connection. You are now taken to the “Connect to bike” screen and should be able to connect.

If you were never connected to the bike before, follow the instructions below.
Hold the phone close to the power button.

The search dialogue “Connect to bike” appears, and you should now be able to find and select your bike.
You are asked to pair and connect. Proceed. Sometimes this dialogue appears twice.
On Generation 2 models, you will now be prompted to enter a code, this is the code shown in the bike's display. Enter the code as you see it.

You can now proceed to authorise to the bike. It is only mandatory on Generation 2 bikes. The number you should enter is your order number. Read more about authorising here.

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