Adjusting the steerer / eliminating headset play

Due to vibrations in the frame and handlebar when riding over rough terrain, the steerer can loosen a bit and the bolts need to be re-tightened. It is important to note that the sequence needs to be adhered to. Don't tighten the top cap before loosening the stem clamping bolts!

We are showing you this process in this video:

  1. Loosen the stam clamping bolts
  2. Stand over the top tube to get a better perspective.
  3. Pull your front brake and hold it.
  4. Now grab the transition between frame and headset. If you now move the wheel back and forth while pulling the front brake, you may feel the spacer move.
  5. Loosen the stem clamping bolts
  6. Now tighten the upper bolt of the stem cap a little bit. The movement should have gotten less. Otherwise tighten the upper bolt a bit more.
  7. Now you can tighten the two stem clamping bolts carefully.
  8. When everything fits, you should not feel any more looseness and the handlebars can still be moved smoothly to the right and left. Otherwise repeat the process.

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