How to take care of your brakes

  • Check the brakes regularly – they should be clean and adjusted.
  • Bicycle brakes are also a wearing part. Especially the brake pads have to be replaced regularly (depending on your riding style and the track profile). For frequent riders it can happen after a few months, for others it can take more than a year before the brake pads are worn out. You will recognize it with you by the fact that the deceleration effect becomes weaker and weaker.
  • Changing brake pads is no magic trick and only takes a few minutes if you know what to do. However, since the brake is such a critical component of an e-bike, you should leave nothing to chance and either ask a skilled person for help or go to a bike workshop. This is also the best place to help you if the hydraulic brake system needs to be bled again after one year or if the brake discs need to be replaced after several years of use.
If anything on your brake system needs replacement, make sure to contact us first.
  • Brake application should feel smooth and consistent and the brake levers should not touch the handlebars, even if you pull on them with all your strength. If the lever travel has become too great, this is a sign that the hydraulic brakes need to be bled and new brake fluid must be filled into the reservoirs.
  • Check from time to time that there is no dirt and especially no oil on the brake discs. If there is, it is best to degrease the discs with brake cleaner, which is available in a spray can. But you should never apply brake cleaner to the chain, wheel hubs and bearings. The other way around: make sure there is never any chain oil on your brake components.
  • Check the brake hoses for wear and tear – if you notice the hose crumbling or broken in any place, get it checked by a professional immediately.

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