What is the outlet / refurbished bike quality?

These models ship immediately.

All e-bikes have been checked and tested and in perfect technical condition. While we can’t provide photos of each bike, we can assure you the defects are minimal, and you can always return them free of charge within 14 days.

  • “New” e-bikes are, as the name suggest, brand-new bikes without any signs of use.
  • The “Factory Second” e-bikes which we offer in our outlet have minor visual defects. They did not pass our rigorous quality control and are thus offered at a reduced price. They are in perfect technical condition.
  • All “Refurbished” bikes have a total mileage of maximum 100 km. They are rarely used bike with minor visual defect in perfect technical condition.

If you buy online, you can of course send the bike back within the 14-day return policy. Please note that within our warranty, said visual defects can not be claimed as manufacturing defects, otherwise all other warranty conditions apply. Have a look at our Terms and Conditions here.

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