Removing and inserting the wheels

The process for removing the rear wheel is similar to that of a normal bike. We explain the process in detail in this video on YouTube:

The removal process for the rear wheel is also slightly different on older models, have a look at this video if you own a bike built before 2021.

Follow our step-by-step instruction:


You need to unplug the motor cable first, which runs along the left-side chainstay. The unplugging is nothing to worry about; just pull the cable out when the power is off. Generation 2 models (from 2022): Note that the motor cable has a screwing device that must be loosened additionally.

It might be a good idea to put some multi-purpose oil on the contacts if you put it back just to help protect from corrosion. Do not twist it when you put it back, put it tightly together arrow-on-arrow.

Removing the wheel on models with belt drive:

Here, too, it is important to first disconnect the motor cable. The rear wheel can now be removed as shown above. 

Please note the following things when reinstalling:

  1. The rear wheel is brought approximately into position - but not yet inserted into the dropout. 
  2. Now place the belt over the chainring at the front and onto the sprocket at the rear. ATTENTION: the belt must not be "rolled" onto the sprocket or wound onto it from the side. Please also refer to the Gates Carbon Drive owner's guide and safety instructions.
  3. Once the belt is positioned neatly on the chainring and sprocket, guide the rear wheel into the dropouts and tighten the nuts provisionally. There is a certain amount of tension due to the belt, so the rear wheel axle must lie securely and tightly in the dropout.
  4. Now place the bike on the ground, then loosen and tighten the nuts again while putting weight on the saddle or the rear part of the bike. The rear wheel axle is thus placed more firmly into the dropout. 
  5. Tigthen the nuts properly.
  6. Again check the distances to the mudguard struts and see that the brake is not dragging.
  7. Now connect the motor cable as described above.

You will find instructions on belt tension in the Gates Carbon Drive manual.

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