I don't have any motor support

If your Ampler has no motor support but it charges and turns on normally, there are some things to check for on the bike to troubleshoot this issue.

Let’s try the following.

1. First, check if the motor cable is still connected securely. It is located on the left side of the bike near the rear axle, underneath the chainstay.



  1. Unplug the connectors and clean the contacts with rubbing alcohol or contact spray. Generation 2 (models with display): Note that the motor cable has a threaded connection that must be loosened additionally.
  2. Remove each end of the cables from the guides and look thoroughly for damages on the cable sheathing. 
  3. Clean the sheathing and lead the cables through the guides again with care.
  4. Plug the connectors together again tightly, arrow-on-arrow, without twisting.
  5. Double-check: it should be plugged in tightly and there should be almost no space between the arrows.

Check this video to see the process (Generation 1).

2. If you are sure that the cable is securely fastened, you can try a factory calibration.  Read here how to do it. 

3. If all that does not work, please check if you still get a connection to the app. If so, is correct data displayed about your bike, and can you change any settings?

4. Is the button on the bike responsive? What does the display show (Generation 2)?

Please get back to us if something should still not work. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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