Can I install a kickstand or a carrier on Curt?


Other than Stout and Stellar, Curt comes without a rear carrier or kickstand. They can be attached to our Curt, but is not part of the original setup and is not offered ex-work. Any kickstand will fit on the Curt, provided it has its own mounting plate, and Curt has attachment points for several carrier models – a local bike shop can help you find the right product.


  • For Generation 2-Curt, as well as all other Generation 2 models, we offer an optional rear carrier, which is fitted from the factory. This carrier does not fit on older models.
  • Generation-1-Curt is not optionally fitted with panniers from the factory, but it does have mounts for them – a local bike dealer can help you find the right one for you.

The Ampler Curt e-bike is designed to be fast and lightweight, stripped of all excess. 

Ampler Curt is equipped with everything you need to hit the streets, including lights, mudguards and puncture-proof tires, while keeping the rest at a minimum.

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