Can I install a kickstand or a carrier on Curt?

A rear carrier and kickstand can be attached to our Curt, but is not part of the original setup and is not offered ex-work. Any kickstand will fit on the Curt, provided it has its own mounting plate, and Curt has attachment points for several carrier models - a local bike shop can help you find the right product.

The Ampler Curt e-bike is designed to be fast and lightweight, stripped of all excess. Adding a kickstand or a carrier would have meant compromising on weight and looks and making the bike look and feel bulkier, and that is just not what the Curt’s personality is all about.

Ampler Curt is equipped with everything you need to hit the streets, including lights, mudguards and puncture-proof tires, while keeping the rest at a minimum. If you want a carrier, kickstand and wider tyres, maybe Stout or Stellar would be more sensible choice.

Curt is built to be a clean-looking, lightweight city e-bike

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