Can I have a higher handlebar?

For our Generation 2 models, we have developed a wider range of models for different needs. This allows for smaller frame sizes and, especially on the Model Juna, a higher handlebar position due to a longer head tube. If you prefer a sporty model like Curt but the riding position is a bit too aggressive for you, feel free to take a test ride on the model Axel.

We always recommend a longer test ride on the right frame size for you to get a reliable impression of the model.

The same applies to Generation 1 models:

The dimensions of the handlebars and stem are standard, components can be changed, but remember: raising the handlebars or stem does not automatically lead to more comfort, but often to less agile, unstable steering behaviour. 

If you need to replace something yourself or have it done in a workshop, remember that the brake and, if fitted, gear shift cables will need to be replaced.

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