Where can I get the Ampler Bikes app?

Ampler is in the process of moving to an in-house built connectivity platform, which means new firmware, mobile application and backend systems. In this period of transition, there are bikes that are running the previous firmware and the new one, which means two apps are available simultaneously for some time.

If your bike was shipped after 30.08.2021

Ampler App icon 2.0

Your bike might come with the new firmware. To make sure, download the new Ampler app from 

  • For iOS (from iOS 14 onwards) from App store
  • For Android (from Android 7 onwards) from Play Store

You will either be able to just connect - or will be directed to the other mobile app. 

If your bike was shipped before 30.08.2021

ampler app icon 1.0

You can download the previous Ampler app under the following links:

If you are unsure which one to get, simply download the new app and try to connect to your bike. It will either connect - or guide you to downloading the other app.

I have an older Ampler model - when can I get the new app?

It is not possible to connect to new connectivity platform with the old app. The new app will be used to update your bike to the new platform, but we are enabling this for smaller batches of users to ensure updating goes smoothly for everyone.

Sign up here for your interest for updating your bike, and we will reach out when your bike is ready for updating.

We are starting to enable updating bikes right away after 30.08.2021, but doing specific targeting to cover different devices and operating systems to ensure stability before we release the new app for all. Thank you for understanding!

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