General maintenance at home

Just cleaning the bike regularly contributes a lot to a long life of your e-bike, and you can do a few things yourself without much technical knowledge. Here we have put together a few tips to help you enjoy your e-bike for a long time. 

The first important check-up should be done in a bicycle repair shop after 500 kilometres. We then recommend having your Ampler e-bike checked thoroughly in a bicycle workshop after a maximum of 3,000 kilometres or at a minimum once a year. Any bicycle repair shop can carry out such an inspection, or you can make an appointment at our showrooms or service partners by contacting us.

You can see our inspection list, including recommended maintenance intervals here.

We created video material about regular maintenance — in it, we show you how easy it is to keep your bike well-maintained: 

Note to technically skilled Ampler riders

You can generally work on the bike yourself, with one exception:

We strongly urge you not to work on motor, sensors, battery & brakes but to contact us first if you run into any issues.

This way we can track where the problem stems from and how to fix it properly. Please also read the terms and conditions on our website, and especially warranty exemptions.

If you feel comfortable fixing smaller things you can do so, but this should not replace a visit at a professional bike shop at least once a year. Some things can only be fixed with professional tools and more advanced skills, e.g. truing a wheel. 

Have a look at our advanced care tips:

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