When can I, as Generation 1 owner, use the new Ampler app?

Ampler is in the process of moving to an in-house built connectivity platform, which means new firmware, mobile application and backend systems. In this period of transition, there are bikes that are running the previous firmware and the new one, which means two apps are available simultaneously for some time.

Generation 2 models come with the new firmware out of the box and are fully compatible with the new app.

How do I know if I can use the new app?

When you bought your Ampler after August 2021, you have a 90% chance of being able to use the new app already. You won't be able to use the old app (black icon) at all.

Why is the app not ready yet?

The app is actually running smoothly, the issue is rolling out the new firmware for all bikes we sold since 2016. The goal is to make the firmware run on all Ampler bikes in circulation until Summer 2022.

What's a firmware, and what is different to the old one?

Have a look at this article, where we explain the differences between old & new. 

I have an older Ampler model. When is it my turn?

We need to ensure the firmware is running smoothly on your bike, which depends on model year, and that it can be updated through your phone, which depends on its operating system.
This is why we can only open it bit by bit.

How can I register for testing?

Download the new app. When your bike has the old firmware, the app will show you a message to register for testing. Once we evaluate that your bike and phone ready to go, we will e-mail you.

Thank you for understanding! Let us know if you have any questions.

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