Why does Ampler have a hub drive motor instead of a mid- or front-drive motor?

All Ampler e-bikes have a hub drive motor. Placing the electric cycle motor in the rear wheel hub often results with a more balanced weight distribution of the bike. This gives a smoother acceleration and more natural feel to the ride

Compared to mid-drive motor, a hub motor:

  • Requires less maintenance than a mid-drive motor.
  • Hub motor doesn’t add any extra stress to the chain or shifters because it is not connected to the main pedal drive system. There are also no drivetrain losses because of that.
  • Small hub motors look sleek behind the cassette of the rear hub.
  • Having a motor separate from the pedals gives the bike smoother and quieter operation.
  • A hub motor in the rear has a better weight distribution while riding and picking the bike up to carry

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