What to do if my Ampler gets damaged after warranty has ended?

In case the warranty request is submitted more than two years from the date of delivery, you must be able to prove that the damages occurred before expiry of the warranty period. Please note that if any damages occur due to the fault of materials or workmanship during the guarantee period, Ampler Bikes should be informed immediately. In case damages have occurred, the bike should not be used before repair.

If anything happens to your bike after the 2-year warranty period, please first contact us — we will help find the best solution for you.

For example:

  • If anything happens to spare parts, you can buy necessary replacements either from us or from your local bike shop.
  • If anything happens to the electronics, you can buy the necessary parts from us (including a replacement battery which costs ca. 350€) and let your local bike shop repair the bicycle.
  • In case of replacing the battery, we will send you all the necessary instructions that you can hand over to your local bike mechanic. The process will not take longer than an hour. If your local bike shop is unable to fix the broken electronics, we will pick up your bike and replace the electronics ourselves. In this case, the pickup is paid by the customer and mechanic work is paid by Ampler Bikes.

PS! We sell spare parts and replacement batteries only to customers whose name in our system fits the frame number or who owns the original paperwork. This helps us catch any stolen bikes and prevent selling spare parts to bicycle thieves.

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