When does warranty not apply?

The warranty does not cover improper maintenance or the subsequent installation of extras. The warranty is void in the event of modifications, installation errors during assembly or improper intervention in the motor, sensors or battery. If the claim is found to be unjustified, we offer a cost-effective replacement.

Warranty does not apply to damages caused by crashes or by your failure to follow the  Ampler Bikes manual. The warranty may be declined also in case the damages were caused by using the bike after any damages had occurred.

Please also note that the above describes the sole remedies in case of a defect under this warranty. Specifically, no cash refunds are offered in case of defects under this warranty.

The warranty does not cover subsequent repair costs or the subsequent installation of extras.

Ampler e-bikes come with certain wear and tear parts, which are carefully selected from other manufacturers and which don’t fall under the Ampler warranty in case of normal wear and tear.

The normal wear and tear for each component is following:

  • Grips and bar tape – Compression, abrasion and contamination
  • Tyres & inner tubes – Tread, sidewall, or bead wear, as well as typical flat tyres
  • Pedals – Mechanical wear due to engagement and disengagement, worn out bearings
  • Saddle – Abrasion and wear from falls and general use, and contamination from water and dirt
  • Chainring, sprockets and chain – Mechanical wear on parts of the drivetrain
  • Brake pads – Abrasion between brake pad and braking surface
  • Bottom bracket – Wear of bottom bracket bearings
  • Headset – Wear of head bearings
  • Rims – Excessive impact on uneven roads
  • Hubs – Worn out bearings and rotating parts (i.e. freehub body)
  • Belt and belt sprockets – Mechanical wear on parts of the drivetrain
  • Mechanical wear – Includes colour coating

These components are subject to inevitably normal wear and tear. As these parts sooner or later reach the end of their service life, the normal level of wear is dependent on time, the care taken and maintenance used by you and subject to their exposure to rain and water, dirt and mud, sand and dust.

Please note that the above parts are subject to the Ampler warranty in case their service life on your bikes is shorter than is deemed normal by the manufacturer of the respective part.

To avoid excessive wear and resulting damages, make sure to have your bike checked regularly by a professional bike shop. Take a look at our maintenance & inspection interval recommendations here.

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