Shipping to the UK - do I have to pay customs?

Due to the Brexit, shipping costs and administrative expenses have increased, which is why we had to adjust the prices in British Pounds and cannot convert them 1:1 on the basis of the Euro. Nevertheless, the price at which you order your Ampler is also the final price - there are no additional customs costs for you.

If you order to the UK, the bike will be delivered to your doorstep with no additional customs charges.

Ampler has registered a UK VAT ID, thus the UK VAT rate is included in the price.

Ampler sells to its UK customers in GBP and based on incoterm DDP,  according to which we have to take care of all taxation and import duties.

Note that unfortunately we can't ship to UK Crown Dependencies.

If you are a UK business owner, you can add your VAT ID when entering your invoice address but please note that VAT will not be automatically deducted in the ordering process or on the invoice. You will need to claim it in retrospect at your respective local tax authorities.

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