How does the motor perform uphill?

With a maximum torque of 50nm, we have a comparatively powerful rear hub motor. Our e-bikes support you with the help of the torque sensor in the bottom bracket , which selects the appropriate motor support from the pressure you apply to the pedals, the pedaling frequency and speed. 

Our e-bikes are designed for the city and can also cope with the odd climb - however, it may happen that you have to get out of the saddle and "help", especially with the single-speed Curt model. 

ampler stout uphill

If you are wondering whether our bikes can make over the hill on your way to work or to the supermarket, ask the showroom or ambassador near you whether a longer test ride is possible. If not, you have the right to return the bike to us free of charge within 14 days.

Note: If you step into the pedal very hard when starting off or accelerating in a high gear, the motor will not support you because you will exceed the maximum power point. This can be avoided by selecting a lower gear and thus achieving a higher cadence. The torque sensor then sends the correct signals to the motor. Therefore, we always recommend changing to a lower gear before a climb or when approaching traffic lights.

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