Setting the correct saddle height - in detail

The geometry of our bikes is carefully weighted to give you an optimal position. The correct frame size and saddle height is important to avoid pain in knees, back or neck. On top of that, the correct height in terms of biomechanics can benefit power transfer and creates a much better riding experience overall.

There are two methods to set up the correct saddle height for you. Using them both in conjunction will be a good indicator to avoid strain on your joints.

Use your inseam length and multiply it by 0.88 - the result will be the saddle height of your Ampler e-bike, measured from the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle.

After you’ve adjusted the saddle to this height, it should be at approximately hip height. 

Follow these steps next:

  1. Prop yourself up safely against a wall or stable furniture and sit on the saddle
  2. Bring one of the pedals to the lowest point with your heel. Guide the crank arm so it forms one straight line with the seat tube. In this position your heel should be able to reach the pedal with your knee extended but not fully pushed through
  3. If you now place your forefoot on the pedal, your leg should be slightly bent

Although you might prefer a lower or higher saddle height, it is not always advisable ergonomically and can put strain on your joints. 

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