Can I work on the bike myself?

You can generally work on the bike yourself, with one exception:

We strongly urge you not to work on motor, sensors or battery but to contact us first if you run into any issues.

This way we can track where the problem stems from and how to fix it properly. Please also read the terms and conditions on our website, and especially warranty exemptions.

If you feel comfortable fixing smaller things you can do so, but this should not replace a visit at a professional bike shop at least once a year or every 3.000 kilometres. Some things can only be fixed with professional tools and more advanced skills, e.g. truing a wheel. 

Here you will find our maintenance and inspection recommendations.

Ampler e-bikes do not have many proprietary components which means that, among other, the drivetrain and brakes are easily available on the market and can be serviced and maintained at any bike shop. If you have any questions or run into any problems, feel free to contact us.

ampler manintenance at home

The fact that we make our bike easy to maintain does not mean you have to do it yourself, but regular checks and maintenance can keep your bike running for a long time, this includes e.g. regular cleaning, checking the wheel & tyre pressure, taking care of the battery, checking the shifting and braking, and the bolts. It's easy to do, read more about this in the bike manual and general care tips.

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