Ampler Warranty Conditions

You can find our current warranty conditions in our terms & conditions. Our terms are subject to change and clauses which are valid at the time you bought your Ampler might not be reflected in this article. Our warranty is valid in all countries we ship to.

Regular Warranty

All Ampler bikes have a 2-year limited warranty period, starting from the date of delivery, on all original components ( handlebar, power panel), electronics (motor, controller) and battery. All the bicycle components are guaranteed against manufacturing defects (materials and workmanship).

During the respective warranty period, Ampler Bikes is liable for replacing or repairing the components subject to the warranty. 

In any case: contact us first. The repair or the replacement of a defective bike is handled by Ampler Bikes, by either covering the repair costs incurred using a professional bicycle workshop of your choice, having the bike repaired in our Service Centres or by transporting the bike to Ampler Bikes’ workshop in Tallinn, Cologne or Berlin at our cost. 

The defective component will be replaced with another original component or with another equivalent component.

Please note that Ampler may refuse covering the repair costs in case you have repaired the bike without a prior notification and authorisation. This is because not all workshops have the necessary tools and parts for a correct repair. Moreover, non-authorized repairs hinder our ability to review the defect and decide whether it falls under the warranty.

Ampler Bikes is your contact for all defects and will handle the processing of the damages. We always try our best to find the easiest and fastest solution so you have your Ampler Bike back quickly and ready to ride.

Extended Warranty

Ampler offers an extended warranty of 5 years from the date of delivery to the frame and fork of the bike. Other components (such as components attached to the frame and fork) are not covered under the extended warranty. 

Please note that the exclusion listed in our terms and conditions also apply to this extended warranty (such as mechanical wear and crash damages).

Warranty on Battery

The battery is considered defective if, within the 2-year warranty period, the remaining capacity of the battery becomes less than 70% of the original capacity. The capacity will be tested by a battery capacity analyser at our workshops.

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