Should I get the single speed or 11-speed configuration for Curt? Can I change my mind later?

Whether you should choose the belt drive variant as a single speed - or the variant with a chain and 11 gears depends on the intended use. Here is the comparison:

Single speed belt drive

The Gates Carbon Drive belt system makes your Curt lightweight and quiet. In addition to the exceptional look, the belt drive is clean, durable, maintenance-free and quiet. Carbon fibres give the belt drive a longer lifespan compared to a conventional chain.

The single speed belt drive is the one for you if you live in a mostly flat area where the climbs are either short or not very steep. You should expect that you will have to get out of the saddle once in a while, so we recommend it if you like sporty riding and like to use your legs.

11-speed configuration

In need of extra gears for your daily rides? The gearing configuration with a chain gives you all the options to choose from when you next tackle a hill. The 11-gear configuration is the one for you if you live in a very hilly area where your rides involve long and steep climbs. Here you can shift down the gears before the climb and continue pedalling comfortably - the motor does the rest. 

It is generally possible to switch from single speed to gearing with chain and vice versa, we offer the necessary Ampler-specific parts, as per availability. Contact us for more information!

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