What can the app do? Do I need it to use the bike?

You can also use your Ampler fully without an app but in order to customize your riding experience, you can download the Ampler Bikes app available for Android and iOS.

Ampler is in the process of moving to an in-house built connectivity platform, which means new firmware, mobile application and backend systems. In this period of transition, there are bikes that are running the previous firmware and the new one, which means two apps are available simultaneously for some time. Read more about where to download each app and when the new app will be available to you here.

You can use your app to:

  • track your rides
  • see your riding history
  • adjust the motor settings
  • use the app as a dashboard with battery status & speed display
  • turn the lights on/off and switch between assist modes (also possible via the power button)
  • in the new connectivity system, new firmware and app, you can also "lock" your power button

The bike comes with two standard assist modes, which you can adjust within the Ampler app. Read more about how here: Switching & adjusting assist modes in the app

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