What can the app do?

You can also use your Ampler fully without an app but in order to fully customize your riding experience, you can download the Ampler Bikes app available for Android and iOS from your App Store or Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, switch on Bluetooth, pair your smartphone with your bike, and log in.

You can now use your app to:

  • track your rides
  • see your riding history
  • adjust the motor settings
  • use the app as a dashboard with battery status & speed display
  • turn the lights on/off and switch between assist modes (also possible via the power button)

Assist modes

The bike comes with two standard settings:

  • Normal (1) – 25 km/h, 250 W, 100%
  • Boost (2) – 25 km/h, 250 W, 150%

You can adjust the standard assist modes within the Ampler app under "Vehicle"

  • max assist speed – the speed at which the electric assist stops helping you, the maximum here is 25 km/h*
  • max power – increase or decrease your acceleration. The maximum here is 250 W*
  • power multiplier – how much the motor assists you in proportion to your input. 100% means default, 150% simply means 50% more than default.

*In accordance with EU regulations, the motor will not push you over a speed of 25 km/h at 250 W. In our case the support gently tapers off so it is less noticeable once the bike switches to leg-power only.

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