Where can I take a test ride?

Depending on current COVID restrictions, we offer test drives in 30 cities across Europe. You can visit our test ride page to make a free booking with our Ampler Ambassadors and see which city is currently available to book.
If your city is not listed, unfortunately we cannot offer test rides there at the moment.

If you want to take a test ride at our showrooms in Berlin, Cologne and Tallinn you will also need to book in advance as per local restrictions. See this page for current COVID restrictions at our showrooms.

Please understand that we can only welcome one person at a time and only one person per bike.

Longer test rides are usually possible - but it is best to discuss this with the Ambassadors in advance. After you have booked, you can contact them directly.

Thank you for understanding, we look forward to welcoming you!

Watch this video and "meet" our Ampler Ambassadors!

If you are interested in offering test rides yourself, you are welcome to write directly to ambassador@amplerbikes.com, make sure to name your region and whether you already own an Ampler!.

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